Find Something

I like to try new things.

What if I told you that I love you because I understand you. I know how you feel. Lost.

I’ve been finding things and losing things too.

I’ve been experiencing things and loving life. I have been loving life.

I’ve found love for simplicity and suddulty.

So be it

It took me a long time to embrace my beauty… Ego.

I was using the ego that I thought I didn’t have.

I was using my true self.

Its all role play when you think back at it, and you laugh because that which you perceive is real.

Seems to be a part in some soap opera.

It seems oblivious.

Lugubrious.(Thank you Mommy)

Why ask to be great when you already are?

I admire Jamaican women.

They embody confidence. Divine Feminine.

Knowingness and knowing is nothing at all.


When I Dj’d in Jamaica they named me Empress E

Because they could remember my real name.

The name it self implies to me something foreign which was hard for me to grasp but now I fully understand the weight it carries.

Is this ego.

Is it real?

To you it is so it will be.