Been Down

From day one

I knew that I could get you

Instead I prayed that God protect you

Been Down

When I didn’t call the police

and told everybody

to go back to work

Been Down

I’m a Libra and I let you stick around

Been Down

Lowered my expectations to see

If this Love thing really works

Been Down

Not going to put myself

In a position where I can get hurt

Are you down?

Were you ever down?

Because anything worth having takes work

Jo and X pills




Everything gold plated

 I tried to show you the way

but you just became more jaded.






I’ll tell you about a guy

that lies to himself

He’ll tell himself first

and then tell everybody else.

He doesn’t want to know his truth

Because he would know himself too

and learning yourself can be a hard thing to do

He’s hurting inside

because he doesn’t see that he’s the youths.

He’ll show you what he shows everybody else

and tell you later that’s not his real self.

I’ll tell you about a guy that hates himself

But will put on a mask to show love to everybody else.

I’ll tell you about a guy that doesn’t know his wealth.

He’ll go out of his way to please everybody else.

I’ll tell you about a guy that’s afraid of himself

He’ll say it was the Devil and blame everybody else

This guy is crumbling inside he’ll drag you into hell to feel confident inside

and tell you that he’ll never leave your side.

I’ll tell you about this guy that stands alone

Surrounded by his demons because he doesn’t know

which way to go. He doesn’t know how to fix it.

Because he doesn’t want to stop.

He thinks its a personality switch that’ll take him to the top.

He’ll tell you what he thinks you want to hear

But I don’t believe that.

Your the beauty and he’s the beast

But you just reflect each other differently

And the only difference is that my makeup comes from #FentyBeauty

Because I’m the only one that can make me happy.



Note To Self

I’m not going to tell you that the shit is pretty.

That beauty intitules you to shit. Cuz it doesn’t.

It wasn’t good or happy but its not stopping me from living my best life.

The past is just that, when you let it be to move forward to what you were meant to be.

You don’t even have to care what people say or think.

They’re not living this life.

Ask yourself this, “Are you hurting yourself or others when you choose to do anything?”

Karma(Judgment) comes whether or not you want it(ask for it).

All I can tell you is don’t hurt anyone to make yourself feel better.

Don’t hurt yourself to make others feel better.

You will learn of the pain of a spiritual drain.

You will become stronger for it.



No kids

No responsibilities

Why this man wanna waste his time with me?

18 too young to know anything.

18 looked at a world with limited possibilities

18 didn’t even know me

18 plus 10 = 28 still didn’t know

Still gotta little ways to go


Open Mind Volume 1 : I am Love

I am Love and Love is me

Love drives my inner me

I take care of myself I eat healthy

My health is apart of my wealth and I am wealthy

Love helps to strengthen my prosperity

Everywhere I go I create loving relationships and attract loving things

I enjoy being around people that I love and people that love me

I love the work that I do I do it for me

I take great pride in my work it is profitable and makes me happy

I am a Love magnet I only attract loving encounters to me

I love being in love it helps me be my best me

Open Mind Volume 1: Bad Bitch

Beauty is all I create for me

I am the best person because I know and love me

I bless others and they bless me because I am blessed with creativity

I am grateful for all the lessons that have come to me

I take care of my responsibilities and balance my life easily

I work hard to achieve my dreams

I look good because I take care of me

I think and act positively because positive thoughts help me create a positive reality

I clear the way for abundance by being the God that lives in me

I hustle and grind to get what is mine

I’m a BAD BITCH!!!!