Dat Part

The last bit of skin

You didn’t know you needed to shead

The last words

That were never said

Desperately wanting to fit in

To be welcomed

To be loved

Trying to find what you thought would be your natural home.

She crys

Because she sees everything from the outside

She crys

Because they know she’s the outsider

She cried

Because she didn’t know

Some things you do you have to do alone



When you consider the past.

I’ve learned to be grateful for the experience.

To move on quicker.

To embrace change because that’s the only thing that remains the same.

So future self move forward from the past.

Let go of what you thought you use to be.


Be sad

But don’t stay there.

You did your best.

It’s ok to move on

Getty Getty No Want It

Look into his eyes

The sadness starts

You can ask

He will never tell

Keep on telling yourself he’s ok

Not realizing that the damage will grow over time

Look him in his face he loves you very much

Not knowing you will never charge

As you twist his love knowing you can no longer stay the same

Yet you remain

People stay away because stagnation is the devil’s game

Time slips. Bye

Your grip gets tighter

Only to find that what you were holding onto turns to dust in your hands


You got what wanted


Still not happy about it


You got what you wanted


You don’t even care about it

Look in his eyes

He will hid how he feels

He wants what you will never give him

Watch the sadness build and grow

You got what you wanted but do you know what you really have?

You give him what he wants but it will never be what he needs


It’s a hell of a thing


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