In The Beginning

My Name is Era and no…I wasn’t named after the detergent or the real estate company. What I know she was my fathers mother and she was a twin. I know nothing else. Me I was born in Alaska. Moved to Chicago after my parents divorced. Moved to Florida with my grandparents. Lived in Jamaica with my son’s father. Moved to New York after the market crashed.  Ran to Alabama to escape Love. I’ll fill you in on all the stuff in between. I’d like to start with thank you for coming to my site. Thank you in joining me in this journey. I hope I can shed light to the darkness within us all and feed the beast that will help us grow.

Every fucking time. It never fails. Where were you born? Alaska… Wow for real!!!! Then some slick comment or they will ask me a question about the weather. In my mind I think I don’t fucking know, I moved from there when I was very young. But Of course I never say that.  I say things that I remember from pictures or flickers of what I remember.  Sometimes I question weather or not what I actually remember is true. Was it a dream? I don’t  know. All I know is my parents did love each other enough to stay together. I didn’t know it then that maybe there love wasn’t strong enough to keep them together for what ever reason. BUT…..The love I was in, was never meant to survive. We’ll get to that later . Welcome and thank you for coming.


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