Do I confuse you?

Did I confuse you?


I know what it is. You watched too many of “Those Movies”.

You know. The ones that subjugate and stereotype us.

Awww…poor thing. You thought I was as jaded as you.

Your an empty vessel. Let me put some knowledge in you.

Your stage….. doesn’t fool me.

Thank you though.

Thank you for the now. But I don’t need weeds in my garden.

And I don’t hope for fruit that’s WAY out of season.

It’s time to wake your unconscious mind.

A living fantasy has to be talked about. Asked… However in jaded Napoleon land you seem to think these thing are appropriate….. NO!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

What’s wrong with our culture? Doesn’t your mask get tired to maintain? Dirty…? Are you so weak that you let the materials of this world drown you into thinking that there is no other way to live? How much porn do you have to watch before you think you can manifest an interaction without even asking the┬áparticipants? Beg your pardon but I’ve only know these things to happen to those in a relationship or those with money and since you have none, its safe to say you will get none.

Your sad ……because you live for others and not for yourself?

How do you expect to satisfy two; when you don’t even have the stamina for one.

Fuckboys I don’t chase.

Too fine for that.

Beauty fades and knowledge will always remain.

Lonely but not that lonely.