Guess What?

I be prayin’

I be prayin’

I been prayin’

The Question is are you meditating?

Can you feel what’s really real?

Or are you waiting to be told which way to go?

I wander

I wonder….?

I listen


Will you recognize the answer.

I wait

I prey

I pray you see the lightπŸ’‹πŸŒž


It has no name but it feels the same

It has no name yet we play the game

It has no name let us try again

It has no name want to live again

It has no name yet we feel the same



When you know Love

Would you be able to give yourself away so easy?

When you know others love

Would you compromise your own so easy?

Would wait?

How much do you love yourself?

How much do you grow your love wealth?

Can you wait?

Will you recognize?

That same..


Reflected in someone else’s eyes.

Fall Away

Fall Away
Fall Asleep
Wake myself up in my Dreams
Fall Away
Can’t Eat
Finding what my body really needs
Fall in
Fall into me
Finding the thoughts that are truly me
Fall Silent
Don’t Speak
Listen closely if you really seek
Close your eyes get lost in nothing
In the darkness you learn to see
Move with the feeling
Learn to flow
If the name wasn’t Rose would it still not grow
When you learn to relearn that’s when you truly grow

Dat Part

The last bit of skin

You didn’t know you needed to shead

The last words

That were never said

Desperately wanting to fit in

To be welcomed

To be loved

Trying to find what you thought would be your natural home.

She crys

Because she sees everything from the outside

She crys

Because they know she’s the outsider

She cried

Because she didn’t know

Some things you do you have to do alone

What is Love?

Me: If you’ve never known love. How do you know how to give love?

Myself: Treat everything the way you would like to be treated.

I: Happy Birthday, I Love You.πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


When you consider the past.

I’ve learned to be grateful for the experience.

To move on quicker.

To embrace change because that’s the only thing that remains the same.

So future self move forward from the past.

Let go of what you thought you use to be.


Be sad

But don’t stay there.

You did your best.

It’s ok to move on