It Goes A Long Way

We do it everyday

You see it in your mind

And hold

And release

The feeling

You can manifest anything

Get Out Of The Way

The swords use to get in the

Trying to fix things that I didn’t make

that I didn’t break

When you learn to get out of the way better things, new things, things you thought you’d never do thangs.

Come your way.

The Seasons

You can almost anticipate it now.

What to expect.

Maybe not of the weather.

But of people and as the signs change the people do too.

A great deal of respect for those that can go with the flow.

A great deal of peace for those that fight against there very nature and therein forget to nurture themselves.

And mercy for those that have lost respect for the womb.


I live in the apartment in the back

The lights are out

So night will cover your tracks

You can creep around

Security is lax

A lot of them like to come around back

Keep yo blinds close cuz they can’t help but look

Tell the man in the red truck

He’s no help

The ladies he talks to are not good for his health





Every Job



Guilty Before In-O-Sent

That’s Just how it goes

You an Infinite Being

They neva taught you that

But you got to prove yo self- worth

and in the same breath loose yo self-respect

Spent lifetimes proving myself

Only to realize that I didn’t live and then I hit the dirt


So caught up in the unrealized lessons

So caught up in the


I forgot to love myself

You still lookin at my pictures? You still can’t see me yet? 

 Standing still

Take a Breath

Had to Consciously ready my self for the next life Test

Are you ready to get blessed?

Cuz when I step in

You Come into the realm

of the best (no cap)

Look like I’m 12 but

da age is 33

Callin Me

Texting Me

Didn’t even know you my Bitch


No Ego, I didn’t even tell you to bow and kiss da ring

You want my LOVE

and then you leave it hanging by a string

Testing My LOVE?

Testing my Devotion

Boy don’t test me.

Giving my all

The love



Too real on you

For the strong person in me

Because being WEEK

Spending all my time

Was Never ME.

Da Ghetto Psychologist

has seen err thang

But baby take yo time

I’m not going to wait for you to catch up to me.

Just ova here taken the life test

J.O.B Bullshittin Every time