Sick Love

When did it turn from

a vacation

into a repeated listen

Why did I have to travel

so far to find you

to be reborn in my own truth

No rest for the guilty mind

when I move

afraid that I’ll do something

you don’t approve

Afraid of being abused

so you just misuse

Afraid of losing something


so you do no good

Spend so much time thinking

what you gonna do

and it doesn’t look like your doing anything

but really do it for you

This is getting old

This is not cute

Get high out of our minds

That’s what you think you’re supposed

to do?



Nicolas CAGE

He wants you all for himself

because you are his drug

He wants you all for himself

because you are his drug

He’s afraid to let the people


But not afraid to drown himself

with his made up self

and then complain about things

he could’ve done himself

Too young to know NO

Too caught up to realize that

this is getting old

He says he wishes we were

the same age

He says he’s going to buy

me a bigger booty and

breast too

But if this is Love I would

change my behavior and

not the body that came to you

Poor House

Poor Car

Poor Fan too

If you use me

too hard

It will be poor me too

But what is life without

a constant rush

a constant thrill

But what a  thrill

if you can’t control your


Constantly looking

But never seeing what’s real

Now I only glimpse

What I saw when I

First met you



To much time spent in these

circles trying to hold onto


Trying to forget the truth in front

of me

I think I put my expectations up too high

I think everything is timing

this can be a set back

or a place where you drown

I’ve already seen the future

can you accept your reality

or are you afraid of what

you’ll see

I can help you but you can’t expect me

to do everything

you can’t expect me to teach

you everything

I’m not afraid to lose because

in the end there are no rules

and I don’t really lose

I can only be the mother

to the one I gave birth


Who want to look like the

Fool (0) giving my love to you

Trapped in the bondage (XV)

of a wish (IX) come true

Thought I was clear with the intention

Never thought I would get this

kind of attention

Grateful for the wisdom

dreams come true when you

feel it.


I’ll Be Here When You’re Gone

I’m forever here infinitely

because I just put my

name in history

and I just made sure they sing

about me

Because I told you I’m going

past infinity

I’m going to open up the door

to get to the bridge

so we can reconnect again

Let go of our fear within

and give and keep on giving

Find you and then keep going

I’m not going

I just keep rising from the


When its serious

things turn red

read between the

lines and you can

see what’s being



Burn It All

Burn it all and start with me

I don’t need you to bury my body

I was never the flesh and pores that you see

became more addicted to learning about what they see in me

This shit goes deeper then what you see

and your just going to waste your time trying to control me

I’m just burning away what you think you saw in me

I thought the meek shall inherit the Earth

I’m in the middle of learning my worth

I’m burning sage to keep them from brain washing me

Burning everything you thought about me

I’m glad you came around because its true

I make the blind see

I love when you hate me

Shaming the Devil so bad

That he gets on his knees to praise me

and tells me he loves me

do anything for me

Just as long as he stays with me

Love myself so much that I burn away the old me

Forever only seeing the younging

Getting ashes everywhere but bitch don’t burn me

WE just at the tip of the iceberg

and this shit don’t scare me

So burn in love

I love you

and when I die burn my body


Been Down

From day one

I knew that I could get you

Instead I prayed that God protect you

Been Down

When I didn’t call the police

and told everybody

to go back to work

Been Down

I’m a Libra and I let you stick around

Been Down

Lowered my expectations to see

If this Love thing really works

Been Down

Not going to put myself

In a position where I can get hurt

Are you down?

Were you ever down?

Because anything worth having takes work

                                 Come up