Let There Be Light

So….Yeah. I have this website. What now. Do I tell you all my secrets in one post? Hell No!!! and if you know me Fuck No!!! But do you know me. Who is Era and what is the point of all of this? Honestly I don’t know.  I just want to shed some light to me because I don’t talk much and I’ve been decided as secretive. And  yeah I have some secrets, but those will come somewhere down the line.

Let me start by sharing a little bit about myself. And I know. I already told you where I was born and moving all over. But where was I raised?  I was raised in Orlando, Fl. My mother worked very hard to provide for us, so we never really had her around. In the early years my younger sister and I spent most of our time with our grandparents.  My Mother’s parents where both Jamaicans. As children we spent most of our days with Grandma and Grandpa. I WOULD say it was mostly fun, but it wasn’t. We were worked and when I say we……I mean ME.  My sister was sick often and  was mostly exempted from participating in such menial character building activities. One day I was so tired from cleaning I asked Grandma, “Why do we have to clean everyday?” and she said “There is always work to be done.” This response has really stuck with because it true. So when Grandma said “Dig this cassava.” I did it. If  you know anything about digging up cassava or yellow yam, its a bitch to get to especially if its roots go deep and you have a huge cluster. Another fond memory of my time spent as an unpaid worker was mowing the lawn as child in elementary school and this wasn’t gas this was manual. It was new a pretty bight red that was so difficult to push. You had to tilt it at a certain angle to get it to cut the grass right. When Grandma told me to help her cook after a tiring day of cleaning, I did it.  All though I did know it then my time with my Grandmother set the build blocks for the women I’m today and what I want and except for my son.

The first book I ever read was book about a bee.  My mother read it to me a couple of times.  Then she wanted me to read it to her. The book was maybe like ten pages and I would spend a lot of time trying to pronounce the word correctly, so the next I showed my mother this book I read it fluently. I read it to her messed up and continued to practice. Then she gave my sister and I more books. I loved them they were these moral and manners books that told stories about how not to behave. I told myself I want to be a good person.  Then my mother got a couple books with poetry for kids and I feel in love with those books too. Then in middle school for Christmas mommy gave my sister a book   ——-Looking back at this memory. I’m giving my mother some major side eye. U know dis gurl don’t read no books. But OK—– Of course my sister didn’t want it and I ask if I could have it and she said …..NO and tossed it into the fire!!!!!!! LOL deceased af  right now. Yes she gave it to me it was the first Harry Potter book. I loved that book and went on to ready the series. Do I read now …No, not as often as I would like. My Goal is to read 2 books by the end of this year.

To be continued.


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