Open Mind Volume 1: The Artist

I am a creative being it flows to me

I have bold new ideas everyday that help me build my best life

I share my creative projects freely with the world

My expression of art is unique to me

I love being an artist my passion drives me to become my best me

I love the way I express myself through love and creativity

I take risk and make moves that are always successful

I work hard on perfecting my craft gradually

My artwork comes from a place of inner knowing and self acceptance that revolves around persistence

My artwork transforms and grows becoming more unique everyday

I am a Artist


Open Mind Volume 1: I am a Goddess

My world is my creation and I am at one with myself

I have complete love and trust in myself as I move forward on my new path

I realize that the only obstacle is me and I can do anything

I am blessed with Love and Fertility

I create beautiful surroundings

I’m smart and I am current with things that are relevant to me

I nourish my mind and body with beautiful things

My surroundings are gorgeous

I easily manifest my dreams and become better at creating my projects faster everyday

I purify my body by connecting to my emotions

I’m blessed with focus and determination

I am a Goddess


Open Mind Volume 1: Good Health

I feel happy my emotions are balanced and I feel healthy

I eat the best and drink plenty of water everyday it helps me be my best me

I exercise consistently which helps me connect with my inner me

I engage in healthy relationships that enrich my life

I get plenty of rest each night that keeps me focused throughout the day

My thought are aligned with my actions

I work diligently towards my dreams and manifest them into reality

I enjoy walking in nature breathing in the beautiful air

My body is a temple I fast and eat intuitively

I give my mind time to rest

I have good health


Open Mind Volume 1: Protection

Oh gaze upon me a bright light guides and protects me

Cast your loving light down on me

So that I shall truly see what’s meant for me

Cover me in your Divinity turn the hand of Destiny

Turn around and look at me

Speak my name properly and you’ll see God in front of Thee

Use your loving hands to guide me gently

Revel deception and the truth will set me free I know real love was meant for me

Commit to your passion and you’ll know me

Great Spirit I love Thee and I know that you walk with me

Your loving light surrounds and shields me from negativity

Open Mind Volume 1: Destiny

I hear you calling me

I tried not to listen but I can still see

I feel you driving me internally pushing me to do great things

I’m taking chances just you and me creating a life that’ll set me free

In two different directions we are one walking together but separately

Turn the wheel of destiny everyday you inspire me

Taking a chance and transforming into something greater than Thee

I’m good at this I can do anything I know the Universe loves me

Walking my path into loving the new me I change my destination towards Destiny

Jumping off a cliff landing in the water safely

Destiny is calling

Open Mind Volume 1: I am Organized

Everyday I plan on goals I want to achieve

I plan to be the profit so let it be

I look within and clear my energy

I know that time will see my consistency

I focus on my goals and manifest my dreams

Everyday I continue to move forward and stay focused on me

I rid myself of things that are negative and unnecessary

Organization helps me stay ahead of any obstacles that may come for me

I am able to accomplish my goals easily because I won’t let anything distract me

I make my deadlines and accomplish my dreams

I focus on the beautiful experiences I want in my reality



Open Mind Volume 1: I Get Money

I get money magically abundance just flows to me

I let it go and then it just comes naturally

I don’t have to worry about material things because what is mine is attracted to me

I am abundant in my sleep I manifest ideas that create long term prosperity

I give to others freely because it doubles and comes back to me

I am thankful for all the blessings that come to me

The Divine Father looks out for me

I focus on longevity

I get money easily

The more I love my projects the more abundant they will be

I strategically plan and create my reality my abundance increases significantly