Rough Patch

Why is it that strangers embrace me as one?

Respect me.

Love me.

Look up to me.


But I can never get that same love and respect from my family.

It’s Strange.

I guess it starts here.

Abandoning everything that I once upon a time thought I wanted.

Transforming yourself is quit a process of introspection and release.




When you purposefully insert yourself into someone’s life that you really know nothing about.

And you do this blanket coverage of I care, when in reality you don’t. It just entertains you to disrupt that person’s emotional state.

You’re sick and have no life.

Let me break it down to you like this.

And it may be too straightforward, but it has to be addressed or this cycle of thinking is going to continue as ok and it’s not ok.

I would never call or let a lone communicate with your rapist. Or even try to help your rapist out in anyway.

They wouldn’t have my number.

We wouldn’t talk.

Nun of that.

And if I was talking to your rapist more than I talk to you what does that say about the nature of our relationship? Basically there is no relationship between you and I.

But the difference between you and I is I would never talk to your rapist no matter the nature of our relationship.

And this is just the difference between knowing who’s here to really help. And who’s too dumb to know that they are a hindrance. You my be saying to yourself “I’m just passing a message”, in an instagative nonchalant tone.

But again I would never be in communication with your rapist.

Number one I have respect for your privacy.

Number two I have respect for other women and you.

Not only do I have respect for other women.

Number three I have respect for myself.

And this type of indirect emotional abuse needs to stop. Let people heal. Let people try and figure it out. You don’t need to know everything or think you know what’s best. Everyone’s journey is different. I just wouldn’t assume that my point of view is the ultimate point of view. I’m just so grateful to be able to reflect on the thing that I learned and better myself.

I just left the past and it’s feelings, right where there at. I’ll forgive and move on but I’ll never forget and I’ll keep you at a distance too. I bless you.


You look at the world differently when you’ve traveled it.

Seen some things.

Done some things.

Although I haven’t travelled the world; I ‘ve been around a lot of different people.

People that make me grateful for my experience.

People different from me.

The beauty of moving to a different environment is the language.