Be Boujee

Most of the time they use the word stuck up.

I’m saying

I’m Boujee

I’m going to stay that way

and you should too.

But let’s get it straight 100.

I’m not saying be mean, arrogant, selfish, obnoxious or unkind.

I’m far from that but I can be.

I’m saying

That I’m going to be boujee

I’m going to eat my plant based diet.

I’m going to read strange books.

I’m going to dream big and stay focused.

I’m going to walk in the park and drink my programmed water.

I’m going to stay fringe and I love it.

I love me and the only one I’m changing for is me.

So, bitch be boujee but be nice because people want you to change to make themselves

feel comfortable.




I know who I’m

Be you

What’s good



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