The Circle

Have you every heard of Karma?  Well it’s whatever you put out into the world (for some the universe ) that’s what will come back to you.  It can be positive, negative or indifferent. It will come back. I’m not telling you that I’m some deeply religious person. I’m not. All I know is that’s what I believe.  And I’m not saying Karma is swift either. Most of the time it doesn’t happen like that.

What’s the point?

No point.

Just letting you know little bit more about me.

How do you know Karma is real?

Because I know it’s real and you betta believe me. Lol!!!!! no.

I know from observation.

I know from experience.

I see people do and say things that come back to them.

What goes around comes around.  I’m not going to tell you the negative. I want to tell you about the positive. When I first came to Alabama I was sad very sad. Sadder then I every thought I would ever be.  I cried a lot and that sadness turned into resentment sometimes anger and fear.  I was with someone that took me for granted, lied to me and hurt me deeper than I every could have imagined.  I felt lost and for a little bit I kept on attracting people like him.  One day I was watching a Horoscope video on Youtube and the lady asked “What are you attracting?”  And start to look within. Am I attracting these people?  And what do I really want in my life? Even my thoughts. Do I condemn people for their small mindedness or do I wish them well? The answer is I rather leave in peace whatever the situation because  karma and the thoughts you cultivated  will attack that which you deeply desire.

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