Spilt Blood

According to


for every dollar a man makes

a women make .78 cents.

Your not shocked anymore.

This is common knowledge.

Its not shocking until it happens to you.

It doesn’t resonate until you feel what its like.

I tried to look past it.

But I understand know.

I feel the anger.

The injustice.

Have you… ever bleed for something.


Blind trust

Given all that you could have ever given. Just to turn around and give even more then they thought you were capable of.

Your tough




However no one remembers all the good you have done.

So I’ll tell you the patter that keeps on occurring in my life.

I work the fuck hard.

I am a beautiful Queen inside and out.

And it always come to a certain point when its not very many men.


Women at the top perpetuate the fuck up systems of dehumanizing the very womb that brought life to there finite existent on this Earth.

They try to beat you into financial submission.

Spoon feed you alternative facts.

Wag the carrot.

But they don’t know.

I juice  carrots


beets and celery.

It becomes exhaustive to the spirit when society is trying to condition you to seek all of your wants and needs in another.

But I recognize it now.


You ain’t runnin no pimp game on me.

Matthew 5



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