Dream #1


If you are for real. It will be real.


I think the worst thing in the world is when you take a bath

and then you have to take a shit.

Such a waste because most of the time, I take another shower.

Today, not at all.

I had a dream.

I’ve been having more lately or just remembering a little bit more.

I’ve been coming into more knowing lately.

So much that I can’t remember but I understand.

Live your best life. Because Karma is real.

I had a dream.

I looked up to the sky  and I saw the universe. Swirling stars beauty in the night sky but I wasn’t the only one looking others were looking too. Everyone was too. I hope you get to see.

And water.

I’ve had this dream before or something like it. This time it was peaceful. This time I believe it.

I hope I have more dreams.


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