Peeping Tom

I was home last night.

Not doing much of anything thing.

When I heard out the window children laughing.

I did think much of it because its the holidays and kids tend to play.

I was planing on going out. So I got undressed and began to put on make-up in the mirror.

As I was putting on make-up the screen door to my front door opens and I hear a knock.

I looked through the peep hole in the door and I ask “Who is it?” He gives a name I can’t remember. I say “You have the wrong place.”and he walks off.

A bit shaken, because he knocked so hard, I went back to the mirror and continue to put make-up on. Keep in mind I’m still naked even when the guy knocks at the door.

So, I’m in the mirror putting on mascara. Out of no where I hear this grunting. I hear it 3 times then I turn out the lights.

I go closer to the window and I see a shadow of the same dreadlocks that just knocked at my door. I’m scared at first and then mad.

He was masturbating outside my window.

I talked to the security guard and I called the police. I was scared.

But if I see his bitch ass again I’m going to beat the dog shit out of him.

The End

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