To much time spent in these

circles trying to hold onto


Trying to forget the truth in front

of me

I think I put my expectations up too high

I think everything is timing

this can be a set back

or a place where you drown

I’ve already seen the future

can you accept your reality

or are you afraid of what

you’ll see

I can help you but you can’t expect me

to do everything

you can’t expect me to teach

you everything

I’m not afraid to lose because

in the end there are no rules

and I don’t really lose

I can only be the mother

to the one I gave birth


Who want to look like the

Fool (0) giving my love to you

Trapped in the bondage (XV)

of a wish (IX) come true

Thought I was clear with the intention

Never thought I would get this

kind of attention

Grateful for the wisdom

dreams come true when you

feel it.


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