Burn It All

Burn it all and start with me

I don’t need you to bury my body

I was never the flesh and pores that you see

became more addicted to learning about what they see in me

This shit goes deeper then what you see

and your just going to waste your time trying to control me

I’m just burning away what you think you saw in me

I thought the meek shall inherit the Earth

I’m in the middle of learning my worth

I’m burning sage to keep them from brain washing me

Burning everything you thought about me

I’m glad you came around because its true

I make the blind see

I love when you hate me

Shaming the Devil so bad

That he gets on his knees to praise me

and tells me he loves me

do anything for me

Just as long as he stays with me

Love myself so much that I burn away the old me

Forever only seeing the younging

Getting ashes everywhere but bitch don’t burn me

WE just at the tip of the iceberg

and this shit don’t scare me

So burn in love

I love you

and when I die burn my body


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