Confusion is the Allusion

Many people in the mix

Many lies you have to fix

Try to keep you in one place

Always telling me what to say

Says to one friend

She ran away

Says to the wife

She wants me

Says to the mother

Things are one way

Says to the sister

Things are the other way

He says so many things

He doesn’t know what is true

He says to me  I love you

He touches me on the neck

He calls me when he’s at work

He tells me we can make this work

He tells me things with her will not work

He tells me that the kids are nasty disrespectful and very rude

He tells me that they are ruining his tiny display play house


I’ll tell you that I ignored the truth

I thought you changed I was a fool

I’ll tell you that

I don’t need this stress or confusion of what you do when you put up this allusion

I’ll tell you I don’t need your lies

I’m fine with living my own life

I’m on my own but not alone

You can find somebody else’s hand to hold

I don’t want to know about your house hold

I don’t want to dwell in this energy

Just let me go

I’m happy


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