The Great Compassion

I am rich in my every sense.

That can vary from person to person.

You get everything you want and think that’s what you want; but then you get to another level of understanding.

Now you’re questioning whether or not you truly desired it in the first place.

Is there another level?

There are levels but only that which you created for yourself.

A test.

What happens if you just surrender to the universe? Be thankful of what you have. Could you find peace in that?

The Unknown, is now.

The greatest compassion is the ability to understand.

Understand past judgment.

Can you control your energy?

Are you upset by other people’s upsetness?

Maybe you should rethink your surroundings. I did.

What if I told you love is the key to unlock so many things.

What if told you that I love you. Don’t worry about being great, just be, and you have mastered yourself.

What if I told you hate is fear and fear isn’t real.


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